Sermons from March 15-on will be available as videos every week on our Facebook page!  It is not necessary to have a Facebook account to watch the video, open the page and scroll down to the video posted on the Sunday you want to watch.

September 20 “Contagious:  Hope”

September 13 “Rethink Worship”

September 6 “Focus on the Certainties, Forget the Expectations” by Sam Feleay

August 30 “He’s Got The Whole World in His Hands” by Rev. Mitchell

August 23 “Sunday Dinner Leftovers” by Rev. Mitchell

August 16 “Goin’ Fishin’ or Just a Wishin’?” by Rev. Mitchell

August 9 “When Your Knees Knock, Kneel On Them” by Rev. Mitchell

August 2 “I Can’t Breathe!” by Rev. Mitchell (audio only)

July 26 service “Bright Lights in Dark Times”

July 19 service “Bright Lights in Dark Times”

July 12 service “Bright Lights in Dark Times”

July 5 service “The Chain Breaker” (includes communion) [on tablet, laptop, or phone is best, because video is sideways]

June 28 service “Miracles:  How Can We Recognize?”

June 21 service  “Miracles in Ordinary Life”

June 14 service “Miracles:  Are You Waiting For Or Making Miracles?”

June 7 service (includes communion) “Miracles:  Do You Believe It?”

May 31 service “Prayer:  In Jesus’ Name”

May 24 service “Salvation Through Your Life”

May 17 service “Salvation Through Jesus”

May 10 service “Salvation From Fear”

May 3 service (includes communion) “Salvation From Hatred”

April 26 service “How To Read The Bible”

April 19 service (with message from Bishop Saenz)

Easter Service, April 12 (includes communion) “Creed:  The Forgiveness of Sins and The Resurrection of the Body”

April 5 service (includes communion) “Creed:  The Church and The Communion of Saints”

March 29 service “Creed:  The Holy Spirit”

March 22 service  “Creed:  Jesus Christ”

March 15 service “Creed:  God”

Most of the sermons from 2016-on are available in the Archive so if you want to listen to one again, or for the first time, click here and choose which one you want to hear.