Sermons from March 15-on will be available as videos every week on our Facebook page!  It is not necessary to have a Facebook account to watch the video, open the page and scroll down to the video posted on the Sunday you want to watch.

June 28 service “Miracles:  How Can We Recognize?”

June 21 service  “Miracles in Ordinary Life”

June 14 service “Miracles:  Are You Waiting For Or Making Miracles?”

June 7 service (includes communion) “Miracles:  Do You Believe It?”

May 31 service “Prayer:  In Jesus’ Name”

May 24 service “Salvation Through Your Life”

May 17 service”Salvation Through Jesus”

May 10 service “Salvation From Fear”

May 3 service (includes communion) “Salvation From Hatred”

April 26 service “How To Read The Bible”

April 19 service (with message from Bishop Saenz)

Easter Service, April 12 (includes communion) “Creed:  The Forgiveness of Sins and The Resurrection of the Body”

April 5 service (includes communion) “Creed:  The Church and The Communion of Saints”

March 29 service “Creed:  The Holy Spirit”

March 22 service  “Creed:  Jesus Christ”

March 15 service “Creed:  God”

Most of the sermons from 2016-on are available in the Archive so if you want to listen to one again, or for the first time, click here and choose which one you want to hear.